Jul 8

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So you have determined that SEO is right for your company website. You have also come to the realisation that SEO is a full time job and takes a lot of effort, time and expertise. So, the next step is researching and short-listing SEO agencies. Here are some tips on what to look for when short-listing and researching SEO companies:

1. Case-studies of clients

How do you know if an SEO company is the real deal if they don’t have any case studies examples or success stories? You want to make sure that an SEO company has a reputable reputation and has evidence of its strong performance, so take the time to check out any testimonials or client case-studies that they may have on their website. But beware that some SEO companies have testimonials that are not valid ie. using testimonials of their OWN websites. On another note, it is all well and good to have client examples on a website, but are they performing well? Do a quick search on Google and type in some keywords for that particular client and see how they rank on Google.

2. Keep an eye out for spam ‘SEO Professionals’

We all receive a flood of spam email every day. Try and stay away from overseas / spam email “SEO Professionals” that look particularly suss, as there have been known cases of clients having their site hacked with spam codes and the entire site wiped off Google’s index. If you are dealing with an out of country SEO provider that turns out to be a cheat you will generally have very little chance of prosecution or recovery of your money. Even at Arrow we receive emails all the time from SEO companies who will use scare tactics, such as “Your site map is incorrect and missing – get help today” These dodgy emails are very general and not looking at your specific case. Our advice is to keep your con blinkers on and stick to the legitimate seo experts.

3. Proof is in the pudding

If you go to a hair dresser you generally assume that the hairstylist has a great haircut – right? Well, the same goes for when researching SEO companies. Type in ‘SEO Company” or ‘SEO [insert city]” into Google. It is a very good sign when an SEO company can get themselves a high ranking on Google. If they can’t do it for themselves, can they really do it for you? Proof is in the pudding!

4. Don’t be swayed by pricing

‘You get what you pay for” should be a continual thought that goes through your head as you research SEO companies. Yes, there will always be companies out there who have budget pricing and claim to spend as much time on your website as other higher priced SEO companies. But, this is generally not the case. SEO is a time consuming process and demands ongoing effort. The rules are continually changing and while it may seem simple, it requires staying on top of ever-changing search algorithms. You want to make sure you get the best results, otherwise what is the point in hiring an SEO company. Cheap SEO can actually be a costly affair as you are spending money on being optimised but are not ranking high enough – Getting up to page 2 is not good enough. Try and keep in mind that return on investment is more important than looking for the cheapest deal.

Do you lack the time to even research an appropriate SEO company? At Arrow Internet we can answer any questions and concerns you may have about enlisting an SEO company. We know it is a big decision so we are here to help. Call us today on 1300 766 665.

Check back soon to see our next blog on “Top questions to ask an SEO agency”

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Dec 28

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I get this question frequently from clients. What is the next step after getting top search engine rankings. I did some research over the last few months and these are the answers I found :

  • You have the rankings, now start measuring how they convert to tangible business goals : e.g, increase in sales, reduction in cost/sale, improvement in profitability etc.
  • Track how long people stay on your website, what % of visitors fill up online forms or call you up. Also Track what % of enquiries are converting into sales.
  • If you are an online store, what % of the visitors make a purchase, at what stage do the people who leave without making a purchase abandon your store. This can help you to make improvements or increase visitor confidence at that stage
  • Create persuasive copy, fresh testimonials etc on an ongoing basis. This will reinforce the confidence in your products or services. If you don’t have the time or resources, hire an SEO Copywriter who will increase the appeal of your website content
  • Elicit feedback and ideas from prospects and customers by providing  forms on the website. Make sure these forms are easy to fill and easily found :)
  • If you are selling complex products or services, provide a ‘search’ facility and a ‘chat’ facility
  • Create an excitement about your products or services by bringing in specials, events, novelties. This will give your visitors a reason to return back to your website.
  • Use RSS Feeds to syndicate your site content so that new updates get broadcasted across the internet fast
  • Make your meta-description (these are the two lines that show just below the title tag) attractive. If you are an online store with new specials on a regular basis, mention that. If you are a service industry expert who offers an initial free consultation, mention that. This will get you more clicks for the same ranking.
  • Put interactive tools on your website to engage your prospects and customers. e.g, savings calculator, home loan calculator, insurance calculator, diet profile etc. These tools can be developed easily and increase both traffic and visitor loyalty.
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Dec 5

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With the recent changes being made by Google, the importance of spammy links is diminishing. It is good to know that websites with spammy links are losing both page rank and rankings. Websites with contextual, thematic content and links are now dominating search engine rankings

Websites which offer value to the users and engage them will experience higher rankings. Search is getting personalised and SEO is not just about rankings. Quality SEO will focus on website traffic and conversions, the factors which influence the ROI of any SEO Initiatives. As Search Engine Rankings will fluctuate, internet marketers will become savvy about driving traffic using clever methods.

When a searcher sees your website on search results, he/she has a first moment of truth based on your ranking, your site title and meta-description. If the searcher decides to click on your website, he or she forms gets a second moment of truth based on it’s look and feel, content, layout and call to action. These moments of Truth can either become moments of magic or moments of misery. If they become moments of magic, the searcher will come back again and again to your website. Otherwise, they will exit the website never to come back again.

While hiring an SEO Company, it is important to see if they can drive targeted traffic to your website as also improve it’s conversion rate. At Arrow Internet Marketing, we are enhancing our service offerings in line with this new thinking.

Link Building should be natural, resulting from quality content being published in industry specific websites. Companies which prepare for the new changes in Google will become online market leaders. Those who follow old methods will become obsolete.

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Oct 26

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If you are familiar with Google, you would have seen that Blogs often appear on Page 1 results of search engines. Did you know that very often, a blog result on Page 1 can get thousands of new visitors in a day. If the same company was to BUY these CLICKS by Advertising online or offline, it would cost thousands of Dollars. But they have found a smarter way.Blogs are also a great customer engagement tool as they allow your customers to know more about the latest developments in your business.

For example, you can let them know about new achievements, new product/service offerings or new additions to your teams through your Blog. In addition, with the advancement of web 2.0, blogs are widely being used to get feedback & ideas from both staff and customers.

A designer furniture company is getting great success by getting reviews from customers on the furniture range and using this information for further product development.You can also use your Blog to let prospective clients, candidates and other stakeholders to know about your company culture. This will attract the type of people you want to associate with and help to forge a long term relationshipIn addition to making a blog which is engaging for the target audience, performing SEO on it can increase it’s traffic.If you do not have a Blog for your Business,

What are you waiting for? Talk to our SEO Specialist today to start attracting high quality visitors to your website NOW.

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