Aug 3

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If I was writing this blog post three years back, a lot of people would have  cracked up at the mention of increasing profits through Facebook. Now having used this strategy successfully for both Arrow and it’s clients, it is worth writing a few lines on it.

Can we sell on Facebook?   Yes…As you read this, large number of  people are buying and selling on Facebook. It is happening in various ways :

(A) Facebook Specials :  This is a popular selling tactic in the online retail space. Provide facebook users with a coupon (say 10% discount) and ask them to redeem it on the website. We have a client in the fashion retail space. Their products are popular for one and when they back it with a facebook special, sales go through the roof!  Facebook specials are also being used to get bookings for events.

(B) Facebook Marketplace : is a utility that enables people to buy and sell products and services in their local area. It is a low cost way of increasing sales!

(C) Facebook Groups :  Creating a Group on Facebook is a great way to get your target market to participate in conversations about your company or its mission. To create a group on facebook, go to and click on the create button. Make sure you put some text and photos while creating your group and invite people you know. As a next step, you can request the people who are your brand advocates to invite people from their network to join the group

(D)  SEO :  All the work you do in your facebook marketing will have implications for your search engine optimisation. If you drive targeted traffic to the targeted landing pages on your website, your bounce rate will be lower and your trust rank will be higher. More on improving search engine rankings through social media marketing in the next post!

To learn more about facebook marketing, attend our workshop for an indepth overview of this topic.

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Jul 27

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As part of the Government funded Energise Enterprise festival, Arrow Internet Marketing will be running a series of internet marketing events for small businesses in August. Energise Enterprise is an annual festival for small businesses in Victoria.  Last year we presented a range of sessions and we got a fantastic response, with such great interest we are presenting even more sessions this year!

With more than 42,000 people expected to be participating in this festival it is Victoria’s premier small business event. Join us for some interesting sessions including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, getting page 1 search engine rankings, how to take your business to 6-figure income and Adwords  (beginner and advanced sessions). These events are heavily subsidised and will sell out fast so book your place now and get your business booming in no time!

See what last year’s attendees had to say

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