Apr 21

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It is interesting to see how Google is constantly on the mission to improve it’s search results. At the same time, there are people who are adept at gaming the system or manipulating their way to top rankings on Google.

Google’s Panda update has adversely affected the rankings of sites which have been stuffing keywords or copying content to achieve high search engine rankings. However it has given a boost to those SEO companies and their clients who put emphasis on content as part of the SEO strategy. No wonder, 97% of our clients have found significant improvement in rankings following the update.

For those of you, who want to boost your SEO &  learn how to create quality content, you may like to contact us and request for a free consultation on the same.

Here is wishing you all a lovely easter break!

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Apr 11

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Whether you have already started or are thinking about it, blogging for business purposes has many upsides, besides improving your search engine rankings.  You can educate potential and existing customers about your products and services, build strong relationships and generate high quality leads.  Blogs give your company a way to get friendly with both existing and potential clients, as they are personal and great way to help people see the face behind the name.

In order for your blog to be successful, you need to write blogs regularly, at least a few times a week.  Your posts should be easy to read, mix things up with photos, videos, humour, facts – anything to make your blog captivating and entertaining. Forget the selling and instead make your blog useful so it creates some kind of value for your readers. Here are some simple tips to help your business blogging go with a bang:

  • When writing blogs, think who you are writing for and try to imagine writing for that one person rather than a whole audience – it makes it much easier
  • Use a WordPress platform and integrate it in to your site
  • Plan your content with the keywords in mind to boost your seo
  • Have a plan!  Plan your blogs, it helps if you have a series of blogs on the same subject, this way you can cover more information and keep people wanting more and therefore returning again and again

Respond to comments – interaction is vital

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Apr 7

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Does your website make it to page 1 on Google for a few keywords. How many visitors/month does it result in. Are you still having to spend big $$ in advertising to get sales. Then you suffer from the ‘Mediocre SEO’ syndrome. It is often very costly for the business because spending a high amount of money to make sales reduces the profitability or results in losses. I know of a few business owners who came to the verge of shutting down their businesses because of this. One of them is an ecommerce store which makes $1 mn in sales every year but spends more than 15% of this in advertising costs. After taking out the product costs and overheads, the business is left with less than 10% in net profits. When the business owner decided to invest in SEO with us, we managed to get them rank 1-3 on 20 most important keywords resulting in three times as much sales with half the advertising budget. Now the business makes 35% net profits on a revenue of $3 Mn.

So if your SEO is doing ok, but not Great, get in touch with us to find out if we can be of help.

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