Feb 23

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Often, people take on twitter with passion, acquire a number of followers and feel great about them! However success in social media is not just about adding large number of followers but about engaging with them. Engaging your audience will increase website traffic, customer loyalty, Seo and sales. Keeping this in mind, I am sharing some of my tips on engaging your audience on twitter :

  • Listen :  Pay attention to your followers tweets and respond to them. I remember when one of my followers had her website hacked and I helped her to get it back. Helping people in small ways is the best way to build long term relationships on twitter
  • Retweet : Look for tweets which other followers may be interested in and retweet them.
  • Take it offline :  If you see that there is potential for you and a follower to collaborate, organise a tweetup (a meeting offline)
  • Put tweets with valuable facts and figures, or with some interesting news.
  • Use humour :  There are so many opportunities to lighten up the atmosphere and make people laugh.  If something funny happened yesterday, share it with your followers
  • Upload images on flickr and tweet about them
  • Upload videos on youtube and tweet about them.

I am sure I have only uncovered a few basic points here. What works best for you?

If you want to learn indepth about getting sales from Twitter, come to our internet marketing workshops being held in March

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Feb 22

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Online popularity is a vital part of SEO.  Links from other websites to your website inform Google that your site is popular and should therefore be higher in the search results.  However, that doesn’t mean the more links the better!  Some links are more powerful than others, the strength of the link will depend on a number of factors.  The best links will be:

  • Sites with a high page rank
  • Sites that are relevant to your website
  • Number of links that the website has from the page that links to you – if there are a lot of links from that page it decreases the value of the link
  • Links from a range a range of different resources; blogs, forums, articles, online press releases, authority sites etc
  • Are links no-follow or do follow links – no follow links hold no importance

There are also many different types of links including paid links, free links and reciprocal links. Free links are the best ones as paid links are only valuable while you are paying for their use and once you stop paying you will lose your rankings.  Some reciprocal links can be beneficial but too many can compromise the value of your website.

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Feb 3

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There are a number of new trends in online marketing emerging in 2011. Businesses who capitalise on the emerging opprtunities will get ahead of their competitors. Natural Rankings on Google will continue to drive quality traffic to websites, but Google Places will become increasingly important for driving business growth. Google has starting displaying local results even for generic searches from a location. There is a misconception though that getting a high ranking on Google Places is the same as getting a Google Map Listing. This is far from true. Getting a Google Places listing is a very tricky thing. If you are interested in learning more about this, please get in touch with an SEO consultant.

Another interesting trend in internet marketing this year is contextual advertising. As cost per click on Google continues to increase, astute advertisers will explore new avenues of advertising which have a lower cost per click but a higher conversion rate. In my experience, it is possible to generate better quality leads at a lower cost when advertising on the Google display network than while advertising on Google Search.  For one particular client, we managed to increase the lead flow significantly during a slow period (jan,2011) and sales reached an all time high taking the pressure off the client sales team to meet targets.

We are also conducting  a series of internet marketing seminars this year to discuss some of the emerging trends in online marketing. These seminars include practical case studies on how businesses have accelerated their sales growth through clever online marketing.

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