Jul 27

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As part of the Government funded Energise Enterprise festival, Arrow Internet Marketing will be running a series of internet marketing events for small businesses in August. Energise Enterprise is an annual festival for small businesses in Victoria.  Last year we presented a range of sessions and we got a fantastic response, with such great interest we are presenting even more sessions this year!

With more than 42,000 people expected to be participating in this festival it is Victoria’s premier small business event. Join us for some interesting sessions including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, getting page 1 search engine rankings, how to take your business to 6-figure income and Adwords  (beginner and advanced sessions). These events are heavily subsidised and will sell out fast so book your place now and get your business booming in no time!

See what last year’s attendees had to say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y46eerG_SfY

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Jul 12

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Before you embark on a social media campaign its worth doing an analytics report so you have a baseline before social media, that way you have something to compare to.  If you have already started a campaign, don’t worry, there is a whole host of free tools that can help you keep track your success.  A few of these are:

Google Alerts

Google Alerts help you keep track of when your company or brand is mentioned, Google will keep you up to date with an email


HowSocialble allows you to see how much visibility your company had over 32 metrics including Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, events and images.


SocialMention is a quick and easy to use free tool where you can search for where your company name or brand has been mentioned.


AddictOMatic enables users to create a customised dashboard, which gives information about issues and news in your industry so you can track conversations across a braid range of sites from Twitter to Delicious

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Jul 4

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If you have engaged an SEO company to optimise your website on search engine results, chances are that you consider it to be an important element of your marketing strategy. But have you thought about what is the best way to measure the progress of your SEO Agency. Be wary of the following :

  • Giving too much importance to rankings instead of Business Goals. Install Goal Conversions in Google Analytics to measure the dollar value of SEO Results
  • Choosing keywords which are low on search intent  :  Keywords which have a high relevance to your offering will have a lower bounce rate. For example, if you are a local company, it is better to optimise your website for region specific keywords than generic keywords
  • Cluttering your website with keywords to get rankings without regard for navigation and user engagement
  • Creating Links from irrelevant websites. Exchange links with quality websites from complimentary businesses.
  • Not talking about the customer and their needs in the website. Instead of talking about yourself, it is better to start with the needs of the customer and how you provide the best solution
  • Copying other websites :  If you must copy, do it intelligently…add your creativity and uniqueness.
  • Boring content :  Generate interest by engaging your target audience through quizzes, polls, seeking opinion etc
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Jul 1

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Claiming the lion’s share of business in any industry is an art, known to and practiced by selected people. So what is the secret recipe of those who lead the market and give sleepless nights to their competition?

While launching our Dominate SEO Package at Arrow, I conducted some research on winning companies and found the following things :

  • Originality :  Leaders are innovators. They come up with original ideas to serve a gap in the market and innovate their way to success.
  • Engagement : Leaders know how to engage their employees, prospects, customers and investors and collaborate with them to evolve their offerings
  • Killers : : Leaders are killers..They are on the lookout for opportunities and know how to close them
  • Street Smart : Leaders know their stuff but they are also street smart.They can respond to changes in the business environment with an amazing agility
  • Risk-Takers : Leaders are risk takers. They know how much risk to take and when. They can be very liberal with spending or very frugal depending on the time and occasion
  • Focus :  Leaders know the power of focus and preserve their energy for selected items on their agenda, putting other ideas on the back-burner
  • Both Arrogant and Humble : Leaders can be both brash and modest, depending on the situation.
  • Have fun at work : Leaders enjoy their work and it is their passion which gives them the energy to stretch themselves
  • Leverage :  Leaders understand that winning requires partnering with capable people and businesses and go all out to maximise leverage

So you want to claim the lion’s share in your business? Talk to us today on 03-9863 7973 and get set for market leadership in 2011

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