Apr 19

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SEO Copywriting is both exciting and challenging as writing copy for the web involves writing for both search engines and users. There is a lot of controversy about what makes good SEO Copy so I decided to share my insights in this post. Following these principles will send a high volume of targeted traffic to your website.

  • Focus on phrases instead of words :  Candidates looking for  a ‘job” are unlikely to type the keyword ‘job’ or ‘jobs’ in the search engine. They are more likely to make specific searches like ‘engineering jobs melbourne’, ‘engineering jobs sydney’ etc. Moreover coming up for these terms will drive targeted traffic to your website which will increase your conversion rate
  • Use Headlines and Subheadlines :  These elements are a vital ingredient in making your page attractive to both users and search engines. For example, if you are a  luxury holiday resort in goldcoast, your heading could be :   Luxury holiday Resort in Goldcoast and your subheading could be ‘Enjoy Goldcoast in the lap of luxury’
  • Think about your target audience : If your luxury holiday resort in Goldcoast targets families, then talk about family friendly facilities while weaving your content, and if it targets singles, talk about the nightclubs in its vicinity!
  • Keyword density is important but any good copywriter knows that mindlessly stuffing keywords into your content will impact user experience and result in penalties from the search engines.  Getting a decent keyword density (approx 4%) into a page is an art. For example, if my keyphrases are ‘life insurance quotes’ , ‘life insurance online’ and ‘free life insurance’. I can have a call to action like ‘Get free life insurance quotes online’ which includes all the keywords simultaneously. Just repeating ‘life insurance online’ many times will impact the usability.
  • Google not only looks for the words or phrases to rank a website, it also sees that semantic relationship between different words and phrases. This is called ‘latent semantic indexing’. For example if you are in the business of selling personal computers, you can use the word PC and computers interchangeably or swap between laptop and notebook in different parts of the page. It makes your content look natural while reinforcing the keyword by using it’s synonym or even a similar word
  • Keyword Stemming is the process of taking a keyword and creating different versions of it e.g plural, suffix or prefix. This enables you to be found even if people type different variants of the search term which you are targeting and enable you to bring up the keyword denisty without letting your content look artificial.
  • Provide Navigation pathways throughout your content using inner linking. This will help your users to travel between the different pages of your website or within the page. This will engage your target audience and reduce your bounce rate. As people travel to different pages of your website, they will discover more about your offering.
  • Use Web 2.0 to bolster your SEO copywriting. Wherever possible, create opportunities for users to contribute to the website by way of feedback, comments or participating in discussion threads. This will result in ongoing fresh content which will result in your website being found for myriads of search terms which are ‘user speak’ and not ‘geek speak’
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Apr 8

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Well, I am happy to share seven of our time tested SEO secrets with you. Let me know if you knew all of them. Then, they were not secrets…:)

  • Diversify your traffic sources :This one is not just about link building. It’s about getting relevant visitors to your website from a diversity of sources…These include your column on popular blogs, natural PR from social media sites and strategic links from related but non-competing sites.
  • Get fresh content on auto : You should not have to keep writing content or hire a ghost writer to keep pumping content into your website. Create avenues for user generated content. We created 35000 visitors/month and 186 rank 1′s on Google for a client site using this approach.
  • Optimise the loading time of your pages. Replace heavy flash files with jpeg images.
  • Make sure that the links on your site are logically taking the user along the conversion paths. Analyse your click overlays in google analytics and observe the bounce and exit rates of respective pages. Pages with high bounce rate need to be worked on. Check your navigation paths to see at what stage visitors are leaving your website.
  • Install goal conversions in Google Analytics with different levels of conversion. e.g entering the shopping cart, clicking on add to shopping cart and the final purchase. This will provide valuable insights into your engagement level at different stages of the process.
  • Stay ahead of the game : Listen to the experts, including Google but read between the lines to gain insights on what is coming. Why is the Google wonderwheel so popular? Why is long tail becoming a key traffic driver? Spend time thinking and possibly brainstorming with your peers on SEO strategies.
  • Attend workshops which discuss quality SEO and provide hands on training. This one is no secret and switched on people stay up to date with the latest trends and developments by being at the tight place at the right time.
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