Jul 29

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Yesterday, I read a press-release by Jill Whalen, a leading SEO consultant in the US in which she said that these days with the large number of SEO companies proliferating, SEO has become akin to bricklaying :)

She went on to say that in a slow economy, there is some work to be found for people so a lot of bricklaying projects are started and her analogy was that those who have nothing else to do enter the field of SEO…Glorified Whitecollar bricklayers.

Well, my response to this is that if Jill is talking about low quality, snake oil SEO, then her statements are not far off from reality.

But quality seo needs analytical skills, insight and business logic. SEO that makes a BIG difference to business results needs smart, out of the box thinking. And yes, strategy has to be backed by robust processes to deliver results each time, everytime.

So what are the bricklaying seo’s doing : Creating heaps of links from websites using link exchange. Changing title tags and descriptions and adding lots of footer links.

& What are the SEO Experts doing :

Working on Accessibility, Usability, Content, Context and Usage Metrics. They do strategic link building in a way that 50 links created by their efforts carry more weight than 2000 Links created in a spammy way. They create a better page rank, higher rankings and a user engagement which yields a high ROI for seo.

$ for $, the bricklaying SEO will be cheaper, but value for $, the SEO expert will get a MUCH higher ROI

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Jul 28

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Twitter is becoming increasingly popular and a number of people have created twitter accounts to enhance social networking. Here are 7 unbeatable ways to monetise twitter for yourself. No, this post is NOT about how twitter can monetise itself, I am sure they will do a Great job at it! :

  • Offer specials on your website and direct your twitter followers to them using links.
  • Offer coupons on twitter which interested prospects can redeem on your website
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your area by offering useful information and resources (linked from your twitter updates)
  • Promote events run by your company e.g, seminars, webinars etc on twitter
  • Promote some other product/service you believe in as an affiliate
  • Link your updates to your blog posts. This will have SEO value for your blog!
  • Make your updates keyword rich so that they get picked up by Google
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Jul 23

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Hi, I am your search engine spider. You have been feeding me for quite some time now. Thank you for that :)

You offered me food (content, silly ;) and I have kept indexing you.

BUT NOW, the rules of the game (SEO, silly) have changed. HA HA

Now there are are more webmasters offering me more food. And my taste buds have got tangier. I need fresh food (organic food, You know…it’s what makes me healthier)-unique content, dude

And I need spicy food (recent, contoversial, news breaking content)

Let’s make a deal dude…If you give me some unique content and some newsworthy content, I will look after you…AFTER ALL, Mr SEO, Mr Blogger….You Scratch my Back, and I will scratch yours.

It’s 4.44 AM in the clock, and I am now sleepy…but tomorrow before I come  back, remember…..spruce up your content!

Also, if you want to know more about my tastes, visit the event SEO : What’s Hot, What’s not 

I will tell you what I love, and what turns me away!

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Jul 13

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Australian SEO companies are quickly emerging as leaders on a global level.

I did a research on Global rankings on www.google.com and found that there are atleast 10 SEO companies which rank in the first 50 and their rankings only continue to improve.  Some of these companies are employing the latest techniques in SEO inluding Latent Semantic Indexing, Link Bait and performing top class on page optimisation.

At Arrow Internet Marketing, we are proud of our performance on search engines and confident that we will earn our claim to the coveted #1 on Google.com for words like ‘seo consultant’, ‘seo company’, ‘seo‘ and ‘search engine optimisation’

Our team is working 14X7 and we love the competition!  Everytime someone sets a new milestone, it is an opportunity for us to stretch and improve our capabilities.

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Jul 11

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In the early days of SEO, any web designer who understood tags & titles could perform SEO on a website. In fact, we used to do this even before SEO was formally recognised.

As the web and search algorithms evolved, the degree of complexity in obtaining high search engine rankings went on increasing. Today, it is very hard to find one person who can perform all SEO roles. This is because SEO involves :

Business Analysis : The ability to understand a business and the search function in light of that is a core SEO skill

Content Writing Skills :  With content (and now comprehensive content) becoming vital to SEO Rankings, it is imperative for an SEO expert to have basic content writing/editing skills

Programming skills :  A good SEO needs to have intermediate to high knowledge of database technologies as websites are made in a variety of content management systems and making changes needs good PHP/ASP Skills

Understanding/Insight of Search Algorithms :  This is a vital skill to be a good SEO. Reading can provide knowledge but insight comes with experience.

Tenacity :   An SEO professional needs a high level of persistence as promoting a website offpage is a crtitical skill and comes with arduous effort performed over a period of time.

Most companies find it difficult to find SEO all rounders who have all the above skillsets. That is why, they create a team of people who work together to obtain the rankings.

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Jul 4

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  • User Generated Content :  If a website does not get any content in the form of comments,reviews etc from readers, it will fall behind in the web 2.0 world. We created a forum on some of our  client websites and once they picked up momentum, the effect on SEO was electrifying. In one such case, we were able to get massive traffic to the website as a result of the forum conversations coming up on top ranks of Google.
  • Blogs :  Blogs are a great way of boosting SEO rankings. If you enjoy writing and have an expressive streak, then why not post regular facts, figures, opinions and rants on your website blog. As your blog develops a readership, comments will come in and your website traffic will soar
  • Social Media Marketing :  Posting articles which get bookmarked because they are useful, controversial or interesting is a sure way of getting high quality backlings and increasing web traffic. Videos are a great way of promoting a website in different social media channels. From image sharing sites like flickr to video sharing sites like you tube, the web experience is shifting away from just text. Smart SEO’s stay switched on with the latest trends and leverage them to to generate relevant traffic and links. Social Media Marketing is evolving every day and a cocktail of methods may not be the best method for every website. A good Social Media Plan will be based on an analysis of the target market, the campaign objectives, the message and then choose relevant social media to propogate the message and generate a following
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