Apr 24

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This is a part of a series I am launching on SEO-What’s Hot, What’s Not with a weekly update.

SEO is ever changing. Keeping abreast of the latest developments is vital for outperforming competition. So come on friends, let’s sharpen our axe and get the cutting edge :)

What’s Hot :

The Long Tail

What’s Not :

Few Selected Keywords

The reason for this trend is that searching habits of users are becoming more mature as time passes by. If someone is looking for a ‘five star hotel in sydney harbour’, they will not type ‘hotels’ to look for it. Being on page 1 results for the word ‘hotels’  (and putting in massive efforts for maintaining the ranking) will still not get you the person who was looking for a five star hotel like yours on the Sydney harbour. Besides, you can get that ranking with relatively lesser effort.

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Apr 13

metin2 pvp metin2 pvp serverler pvp tanıtım sitesi pvp serverler

In a recent survey by SEMPO of more than 800 large companies, 90% of the respondents mentioned that they use this method for marketing. The widespread adoption of SEO among large  companies is a result of measurable ROI of SEO efforts as compared to Print, Newspapers, TV and Direct Mail. Infact, over the last one year 26% of the large companies shifted their adspends from print to SEO & SEM.

This is related to the widespread adoption of the online medium by different types of target audiences.

In another survey held by Monash university, the average Australian spends more time online, than watching TV. For many australians, watching the news no longer has to be on TV. One can easily customise the google desktop to keep updating on latest news on a real time basis. Also, it is possible to specify what type of news we want to get.

For Australian Small Businesses, the message is clear : embrace internet is a key element of marketing strategy. Get expert SEO Advice from a reputed company

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