Feb 27

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In a recent survey of Australian business owners, these are the results. If your year is trucking along OK, that’s great! Otherwise, take a day off, replan and make a fresh strategy.
If you don’t have a website, get one. If you have a website, optimise it. Using low cost marketing methods which work will get your business out of the blues faster than ever

21.1% Going bonkers

35.5% Trucking along ok

26.3% A little bit scary

17.1% Freaking me out

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Feb 17

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  • Keyword density will change to concept density:  Just inserting keywords will not work. Related keywords woven into meaningful concepts will do the magic.
  • Link Buyers will get a kick on the butt (good, Google). Can be seen from penalties on Google Japan
  • The social web will become important (blogs, forums, social media), will become extremely important as Google will give more weight to endorsements than artificially created links
  • Website usage data will become important. If your site is not fresh, engaging and useful for your visitors, forget about ranking on top
  • Google will crack down heavily on duplicate content.
  • Cheap SEO’s will become obsolete.
  • Credible SEO Consultants will be worth their weight in Gold :)
  • User generated content and interactivity will become popular. A survey by Nielsons Net Ratings reveals that online consumer recommendations are the second most trusted on media next only to word of mouth.
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Feb 16

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Ten years back, people thought of websites as brochureware.

Then, websites became powerful tools for winning new business by using clever SEO techniques.

Today, successful companies are leveraging their websites for customer engagement and loyalty.

This can be done very simply by :

  • Personalising the website according to customer interests.
  • Rewarding customers for loyalty. They can earn reward points everytime they buy
  • Rewarding customers for referrals. Use a tell a friend or refer a friend widget for this
  • Creating a forum for customers to make suggestions and incorporating those suggestions. It’s important to acknowledge the suggetions
  • Putting an internal search on the website and analysing what your visitors look for within the site. Once you collect data, you can make the navigation easier or provide new resources to make the website more appealing to the visitors (many of whom may be your repeat customers)
  • Having a Blog where the customers can share their ideas/experiences
  • Creating an online community where customers or fans of your brand can interact. e.g, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Billabong/9234817714

Billabong has 193,115 fans on it’s facebook community site. This makes the brand stronger and increases customer loyalty. If you notice, the current profile talks about Billabong’s spring collection. They have a feed running to the facebook profile which updates new content. They also have user generated content like billabong videos.

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Feb 11

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Here is how you can dominate SEO Results and grow your business in any industry :

(These tips are sure to grow your business rapidly. If you have any difficulty with implementing them, feel free to contact our SEO experts)

  • Divide your industry into niches e.g, if you are a real estate broker, you may choose to compete in the first home buyer space in melbourne or investment property in sydney
  • Having defined your niche, optimise your website for it
  • Blog to interested audience
  • Get visible in online communities (know where your buyers are on the internet)
  • Do behaviorally targeted and contextual advertising using google placement targeted advertising and social media
  • Build an opt-in list by providing useful information to people from your niche e.g price trends etc
  • Run contests and promotions on your website that appeal to your people from your geography. These don’t need to be expensive. Even providing a cinema ticket for two or a hot air baloon ride may be exciting enough ;)
  • Create an online referral programme. People in your niche usually know other interested audience
  • Use the power of Google Univeral like Google Local. Make sure you list yourself in in map results
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Feb 6

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Web 2.0 was a phrase first introduced by the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004. Web 2.0 encompasses a vast array of trends that have sprouted from the early days of the Internet. These trends have led to an increase in creativity, functionality, accessibility, security, communication and collaboration on the Internet. In a way, Web 2.0 refers to a redefined and refined Internet foundation for people to build on.

A major increase in Blogging and Social Media is an effect of the Web 2.0 revolution into a more user-based system, where users control the majority of the data online. Rather than organisations providing users with data, Web 2.0 focuses on the exchange of data between users, forming a social gateway. YouTube, for instance, would not exist without this method.

So how does SEO come into the Web 2.0 idea? Firstly, since the Internet has become more user-based, many companies have come to see the Internet as the most cost effective marketing solution to reach the largest audience the world has to offer. The Internet is essentially the world’s biggest stage, and every website is a performer. So it is essential that to be a good performer, one would need to gain as much interest from others as possible.

SEO provides a method of ensuring that a website has a higher chance of standing out from the other 30 billion or more web pages connected to the 100 million or more web sites. It is vital to have good SEO built into your site to be seen on the Internet by a large group of people. It acts as a powerful tool to separate a site and allow it to compete for users. More simply however, it allows search engines to find sites effectively and quickly. Imagine a library book that does not have a serial number. It would be far harder to find than one using a decimal system. In a similar way, a website cannot be found if it does not use a system of arranging a website’s content.

So the Web 2.0 environment that forms blogs, forums, social sites, rss feeds, video streams and more has revolutionised the web and changed our lives by providing a convenient and interactive enclosure that surrounds everything we do, and SEO takes advantage of this fact by acting as a marketing strategy to optimise a system of management and categorisation.

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Feb 5

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  • Use language which is appropriate for your audience. If you sell technical products or services, use as little technical jargon as possible.
  • Don’t make outrageous claims. If you make big claims and they are REAL, back them up with REAL CASE STUDIES
  • Use third party endorsements which are verifiable. This can be done by using letters sent by happy customers on their letterhead. It can also be done by providing links to websites which recognise your company.
  • Publish your privacy policy in simple, easy terms describing what you will and will not do with information provided
  • Put a live chat or some other feedback mechanism on your website. Encourage and even reward your customers for criticising you. It’s only when they criticise, can you improvise
  • Don’t criticise your competitors to bring yourself up. While it is OK to make objective comparisons between products or services, criticising competitors will decrease your own credibility
  • Use social media, forums etc to create online word of mouth
  • Get sitewide seo done to rank highly on organic search
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